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Benefits Of Yoga For Breast Cancer Survivors



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Benefits Of Yoga For Breast Cancer Survivors

Have you ever went through cancer treatments?

As each year goes by, more women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year. While the statistics are truly frightening, the good news is that more women are now surviving breast cancer than ever before.

While science wants to attribute the increased survival rate to cancer therapies, the reality is that much of the therapies that are widely used are the same ones that have been used for decades.

I believe the real reason women are surviving is because they are becoming proactive with their health and listening to that inner sense that something just isn’t right.

Conditions After Cancer Remission

Just because someone gets the news that their cancer is in remission, does not mean that a reset button has been pushed and their lives, health and body is back just the way it was prior to cancer.

The fact is that modern cancer therapies are harsh on the body and the body has been severely abused by the onslaught of chemicals to kill the cancer. No one undergoes these therapies and feels healthy. People emerge with the remission stamp from their doctor feeling weaker than before, with more fatigue, and with more generalized pain.

The consequences of cancer therapies are now coming to light. Modern therapies also put you at risk for different cancers later on. It severely compromises your immune system and even clogs up your lymphatic system. Your liver, which processes all the poisons, takes a beating as well.

The physical sides of cancers are nothing compared to the emotional scaring and worrying that is now predominate in post cancer diagnosis. There were so many variables that played into a woman’s life when she was diagnosed and being treated.

The thought of death, what if, and a life not really fulfilled or lived haunts many women. If women have small children they worry what would come of their children growing up without a mother.

Because all these feelings played center stage for so long, worrying does not dissipate once remission is entered. Worrying is a natural part of having had cancer. Worrying is also an additional stress on the body and mind of the individual.

How Yoga Can Help

Because breathing is so natural, we tend to take it for granted. The fact is that breath alone has been used to bring about remarkable healing.

A book titled, “The Rational Memory” by William Henry Groves outlines physicians knowledge and personal experience of how the breath alone can cure the worst diseases.

A study found that deep breathing alone treated patients with chronic pain and anxiety without pills or medications.


Yoga has also been studied to relieve pain and fatigue.

Conclusions of Yoga and Breathing As Medicine

Breast cancer survivors typically feel reduced pain, less worrying and less fatigue after 3 months of yoga.

Most doctors will encourage breast cancer remission patients to continue with yoga, especially after they see a reduction in inflammation and stress hormones in the blood.

The healing powers of breathing, while age old, are not really understood. I can cite all the medical papers in the world, but what you need is antidotal results. Try it yourself. Commit to it for a full 3 months and see where you are at the end of those 12 weeks.

Additional Thoughts

No one can lawfully claim that yoga and deep breathing can cure cancer or prevent it from coming back, but what can be said is that the medical studies back up that both of these modalities have a positive impact on the body.

Yoga and deep breathing will improve the quality of your life and emotional state to allow you to feel more comfortable and happy with where you are at.

They give you a more natural approach to managing your pain, anxiety, depression and post-cancer symptoms.

Have you tried deep breathing to manange depression, pain or anxiety?

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