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Are You Tired of Struggling with Your Health, Wealth or Relationships?


Are You Tired of Struggling with Your Health, Wealth or Relationships?



Here’s a small insight into one of the top reasons you are still struggling:

Working At It -vs- Playing At It – The Nature of Success.

I don’t care what aspect of life we are talking about, success is winning at life. You can’t have good health without having success.

I see it time and time again, people want better health and they are still trying to get better health years later. People take everything too seriously. Even if you have cancer (I’ve been there) you are taking your health too seriously.People that are a success play at whatever their game is. Success in health is a game. It’s a puzzle to figure out to win.

People who try to be healthy and are trying to cultivate it are working, not playing. They are too attached to the outcome and think that everything rides on that outcome. Focusing on the outcomes won’t bring you success, the journey is where it all is. The journey is what DECIDES the outcome.

Even people that have success, lose it. They have lost touch with their success mindset. I did.

Successful people mainly succeed because they are not trying to be successful; they are playing a game to win. If you have health problems, are you truly playing to win or are you trying not to lose? The difference is as great as the grand canyon.

When you play and you lose (setback) there should be zero loss of enthusiasm. In fact, you up your play. Successful people refuse to lose so they come back even stronger. They don’t have dented egos or feel defeated or tired or sick of trying.

Failing is an essential ingredient to winning big. So if you want better health, wealth or relationships, love the setbacks and start playing at life. Be like a kid in a candy shop, all wide eyed and looking forward to crushing each new experience.

Life is for living and enjoying AND winning!

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