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Anything Goes Diet – a.k.a. the Fasting Diet


Anything Goes Diet – a.k.a. the Fasting Diet


A Fasting Diet?

While the Anything Goes Diet and the Fasting Diet seem like they are contradictory, the truth is they are the same.

The fasting diet I am talking about is Intermittent Fasting.  You cycle between fasting and refeeding every other day.  When you eat, you can literally eat anything you want.  In your refeeding phase, there is no way that you can eat enough to make you gain weight.  In fact, you will lose weight while continuing to eat your favorite foods.  This is how body builders do it.  If you are looking to lose weight, your fasting day should have limited calories.

Many people wanting to lose weight and not change their diet, LOVE intermittent fasting.  They can fast for most of the day and consume their normal diet the rest of the day and LOSE WEIGHT.  That’s why this is also called the anything goes diet.  Intermittent fasting weight loss with a fasting diet is one of the best ways that people have reported that have helped them get back to their high school skinny self.

Ryan, over at Articledashboard.com gives some great tips on losing weight with ease.  All of these tips can be incorporated into your fasting diet.

Check out a part of Ryan’s article below on the fasting diet.

By: ryanwkgnch

“Plenty of us, myself included, don’t need programs anymore. We’ve got it! If you’ve got it, excellent. But if you need more guidance on how to back away from diet rules while still making a deficit happen, or how to handle social situations, or how to change your thinking, or some input on calories if you feel completely lost while winging it, this may be just what you’re looking for.

There are no off-limits foods, no meal timing rules, no special ratios, no absurd protein requirements, just a deficit, a consistent, no-hassle, eating what you like, deficit. John Barban and intermittent fasting guy, Brad Pilon, are pals and have very similar philosophies on eating what you love and having a life. You shouldn’t have to become a clock-watching obsessive compulsive eater to be lean. Your diet should fit your life, not the other way around. John’s approach is all about including socializing, fast food and favorite treats. I picked up a few great tips I’d never even thought of, Bethennyesque tips. Eating in at a fast food restaurant? Toss part of the fries in the trash on your way to sit down. WHAT?! I will totally use that because you can’t order small anything anymore. It would work for movie popcorn too.

The Anything Goes Diet isn’t for all of us but I think it will really appeal to those who want more guidance on relaxing the food rules while getting or staying lean.”

Source: Articledashboard.com

For the best fasting diet, check out the Intermittent Fasting for Women Guide.




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