​​​​Affiliate Disclosure

Affiliate Disclosure

Heyyyyyy… This is mucho important due to compliance with the new FTC guidelines:
While my site is dedicated to information, information and information, I am an affiliate of products or services that I use and think you would benefit from. For the sake of ease, please assume the following about the links and/or posts you see on my site:

The links you see on KellyColby.com are affiliate links that I will receive a (small) sales commission on. This does not increase the price for you at all. The company, like Amazon, pays that commission as it is part of their normal advertising budget. I have affiliate links because of the rising cost of my growing KellyColby.com website.
Just like with my advice, I never recommend something unless it is something I have personally done or use. Yes, I really am my own science experiment first. These are all products I would recommend even without the affiliate compensation.
My focus is to help you create a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life. This is why I provide resources that I feel will help you. My affiliate links will only be for this same reason.

I have an affiliate relationship with the following companies:

Amazon.com – books and various products
Xtrema Cookware – healthy cookware
GetBerkey – filters fluoride from tap water.
OraWellness – tooth health

Thank you for choosing to read Kelly Colby.com. If you decide to click one of my links and make a purchase, thank you so much for supporting my website.

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