​​​​About Kelly

Who is Kelly Colby?

A crunchy, wellness, food & life loving blogger.

Life changes rapidly. This blog reflects my thoughts, my ideas, my life, and my desire for others to live a happy, healthy and free life.

I am all about diversity.  We are not robots, we are individuals and we have the privilege of thinking and acting freely.  Freedom.  That is my goal for myself and for everyone else seeking a similar path.  I help others to go beyond the constraints that have been placed in their way.

  • Where do you start? Truth be told this blog isn’t about me, it’s about what I can do for you. The fact you are here says you have an interest in natural health, food, beauty, wellness, love, spirituality,and living a vibrant life, but the main thing is you want to be happy – and I’m glad you’ve found me.Feel free to read some of the many articles I have, subscribe, leave comments, share, or even send me an email.  Please leave comments and messages because it is together that a community can help one another.




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