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10 Things That Happen When You Have A Laid Back Personality But An Anxious Mind


10 Things That Happen When You Have A Laid Back Personality But An Anxious Mind

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There is nothing more confusing than having a laid back personality but having an anxious mind. Thoughts themselves are not anxious, it’s how we think and deal with those thoughts that make us anxious.

One person can think about going to a party where they don’t know anyone, while another person can feel a sense of excitement because they love new situations.  The thoughts are the same, it’s how we interpret those thoughts that make us anxious.

When someone has a laid back personality, having anxiety is difficult because they don’t naturally come equipped with coping mechanisms that other people that have a more anxious personality have.Laid back people are never sure whether they should be in a fight or a flight mode.

Most people rotate between the two in a seemingly endless cycle.  They then feel bad because they are all over the place with their feelings.Here are 10 things that happen when you have an anxious mind curated from the Truth About Everything:

Laid Back Personality But An Anxious Mind

1. You epitomize leading a life of quiet desperation. Half of the reason you’re anxious is because you don’t naturally act or, therefore, process your emotions, and while thats positive in some ways, its debilitating in others.

2. You’re naturally zen in that you observe your emotions objectively. Which is fantastic in that you’re not controlled by them, but harmful because you then start to believe that you only have to process or truly feel the ones you want.

3. You’re highly indecisive; your head and heart are a paradox all within themselves. You feel as though you’re always going back and forth between preparing for the worst and hoping for the best, and rarely in-between.

4. You’re laid back because you know how to quiet your mind. Most of your #chill lifestyle was developed out of necessity. Your brain starts to short circuit when you overload it with any more drama or worry, so you actively go out of your way to create a life where the only problems you have are the ones you make up in your mind.

5. You’re intelligent enough to know what could possibly happen, but grounded enough to know that worrying about it won’t prevent it. You’re aware that ultimately, an infinity of unfortunate fates are to fall on us all. You often think that the whole problem with humans is that were animals that don’t want to be animals beings who do everything in their power to make their collective eventuality (death) more palatable in any way.

6. You seek solitude and relaxing environments so your brain can process and deprogram and let off steam. You’re not one of those people that needs any more external stimuli to keep them entertained or wondering or interested you’ve got that all covered, perhaps to an unhealthy degree.

7. You are your own locus of control. And perhaps this is the most positive characteristic you have: you do not assume that anybody else is responsible for your emotions, and you know this because thinking otherwise places you in a minefield of suffering for the rest of your life.

8. You’re very casual about your self-development. You’re one of those people who reads Deepak Chopra instead of a streamy romance novel on the beach.

9. You’re non-confrontational to a fault. You’ll do anything to avoid not having to upset anybody and that often results in you not communicating how you really feel, when doing so would eliminate the problem altogether.

10. You’re fascinated by personality types and the ways humans function. You’re probably into astrology or psychology or Myers Briggs personalities, and your classifications of people within these systems infiltrates your daily conversation about them. Ultimately, it helps you understand yourself better.

Do these things sum you up pretty well?  Do you like reading on the beach?  How about loving adventure but not thrill seeking?  These personality traits go along with being an introvert.

Check out the extrovert and introvert personality types to see which one you are.

This is a fun video that parodies the extrovert and introvert ways.  I am an extreme introvert (INFJ) but I am also okay being out in public and around people – as long as I can come home and recharge.

Watch this and I dare you not to crack a smile (Even if you are an introvert).

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