How to Feng Shui - Available Now!

How to Feng Shui is an book dedicated to the true science of classical Feng Shui. Many people know about furniture arranging and the color application that is touted as Feng Shui. But in reality, this is considered Pop Feng Shui, which is a watered down version of the real scientific application. Pop Feng Shui does little good to truly change your health, wealth, or harmony. Classical Feng Shui, on the other hand, is based on scientific and mathematical calculations that you can apply to completely change your luck. Click the button to buy now on Amazon!

Liver Cleanse: Step-by-Step

Liver Cleanse Step-by-Step

Liver Cleanse – Step by Step

The Liver Cleanse Step By Step is a how-to picture book for cleansing. This book will clearly walk you through each step from prep, to the liver cleanse, to post cleanse. You’ll have clear, …