Once thought to only be a body builder’s secret, Intermittent fasting for women is now Hollywood’s diet trend Intermittent fasting for women may be a new diet to you, but its roots are primal within us that stems back to our hunter/gatherer days. One of the greatest gifts to your health will be fasting.  I’m not talking […]


Home Remedies for Pimples – Super Fast Clear Skin

home remedies for pimples

Hate hearing your dermatologist go on and on about pharmaceutical products? Try Home Remedies for Pimples. Home remedies for pimples offer people a safe, effective alternative to harsh prescriptions.  Most people think acne appears only in teens, but the truth is, adults can suffer from acne at any point in their lives. While acne is […]

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How to Lose Body Fat by Drinking Coffee

how to lose body fat

Learn how to lose body fat by adding this one natural food to your morning coffee. How many times have you wanted to know how to lose body fat without complex and expensive means?  I’m always looking for ways to power up and supercharge life.  If I can do this without pain or emptying my […]

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The Best Intermittent Fasting Diet Available

best intermittent fasting diet

When it comes to your health, you only want the best so naturally you want the best intermittent fasting diet. The best intermittent fasting diet combines alternate day fasting with 500 calorie eating on the fasting days. These two principals makes your body a lean, mean, fat burning machine. If people are looking for the […]

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Coconut Oil Pulling: Coconut Oil Use #1

coconut oil pulling

If you have visions of playing tug-of-war with a coconut I assure you, coconut oil pulling is far easier than that! Coconut oil pulling is one of the best things you can do for your health.  I’m a fan of all things coconut, especially coconut oil.  I never gave my youngest son cow’s milk, he […]

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Anything Goes Diet – a.k.a. the Fasting Diet

fasting diet

WHAT?!?! A Fasting Diet? While the Anything Goes Diet and the Fasting Diet seem like they are contradictory, the truth is they are the same. The fasting diet I am talking about is Intermittent Fasting.  You cycle between fasting and refeeding every other day.  When you eat, you can literally eat anything you want.  In […]

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Is Fasting Safe?

is fasting safe?

In a world full of over-eaters, fasting has be made out to be a dangerous therapy Is fasting dangerous or is fasting safe? An article written by Daniel Major on fasting outlines the two sides of the fasting debate; is fasting safe? Fasting can be safe if done wisely, with strict prep and post fasting […]

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How Do You Get Lean Fast With Intermittent Fasting

Thumbnail image for How Do You Get Lean Fast With Intermittent Fasting

Anyone that has read my articles or listened to me speak knows that I am a huge fan of fasting. Fasting brings with it great spiritual, mental, emotional and physical benefits.  While it is a subject of controversy, for sure, the benefits will usually overshadow any negative comments naysayers have about fasting. Long fasts carry […]

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Raw Vegan – Raw Food Blog Series

Thumbnail image for Raw Vegan – Raw Food Blog Series

Part of my site is devoted to being a raw food blog.  I am an advocate of being a raw vegan, especially in the circumstance that you need to lose weight or heal your body. While being a raw vegan may seem extreme to people eating the normal standard American diet, I actually consider obesity […]

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Why is My Hair Falling Out? Tales of a Crunchy Wellness Seeker

Thumbnail image for Why is My Hair Falling Out?  Tales of a Crunchy Wellness Seeker

Since early adulthood, I have had my fair share of health problems.  All the problems seemed to cause my hair to thin.  Years ago when I changed my diet to become healthier, still more hair fell out.  I could literally run my hands through my hair and out would come handfuls of hair. Isn’t a […]

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